For each client we find the right balance of functionality, aesthetics and individuality to create a unique and timeless interior design.

Your ideal home environment

We elevate your needs to a unique home experience, starting from practical requirements such as ease of use, budget and feasibility.

This along with our complete holistic approach leads to an extraordinary and unique end result.

Architectural concepts

How beautiful it is when architecture and interior form a unity together.
A total living space, in which all elements are perfectly matched. To realize this, the studio also makes adjustments to the architecture, such as an extension, a transparent facade or a completely new architectural concept. Here we regularly work closely with construction experts and architectural firms and connect the right parties involved.

Garden design and outdoor spaces

A concept design starts with good listening and inventory. As concept developers, we can give you good advice and make a 3D design of the outdoor space for your company or home. For example, a roof terrace with bar and lounge, an illuminated swimming pool, an indoor garden to relax and recharge or a nice place to have lunch. A fabulous garden that becomes reality and remains attractive all year round. Your wishes are our design challenge.

The design studio explores needs and possibilities. We find it important that the indoor and outdoor spaces work well together, for example through a playful connection in use of materials or light. Bringing nature more inside and increasing the living space outside. Our studio regularly collaborates with garden designers and landscapers for this purpose.

What is your ideal living space? The design studio likes to think with you