A distinctive interior design reflects the client's identity, connecting and inspiring the people who spend time in it.

interieurontwerp koffiepunt met barkrukken op kantoorverdieping

to stay

Plamen van Dijk – design studio has extensive experience in the design and delivery of pleasant and sustainable offices, multi-tenant buildings, flex spaces, meeting rooms, showrooms, reception areas, work cafes and hospitality environments.

Smart design

Plamen van Dijk's strength lies in well thought-out designs that focus on the desired identity and ease of use.

Timelessness, quality, aesthetics and durability characterise all designs.

Of course, the studio takes into account the available budget, planning and feasibility, as well as issues such as ICT, security, regulations, health and safety, ergonomics, acoustics, light and air quality.

detail van houten gekromde maatwerk wand op verdiepingsvloer van kantoor
interieurontwerp leestafel met kleurrijke stoelen op kantoorverdieping

Workplace Concepts

When we feel comfortable in our environment, we perform better. The traditional office environment, where everyone has a fixed workstation, is no longer a given. Many organisations have moved to activity-based workplaces. Here the work environment consists of a variety of workstations such as open, concentration, call and consultation areas, combined with coffee corners, lunch and work cafes. Employees and visitors choose the space that best suits their activity.

Such an integrated approach to the workplace will inspire your people and drive performance if it is supported by a clear workplace strategy. This is different for every organisation.

The design studio has extensive experience in workplace concepts and translating work processes into a personalised physical layout. The result is a more efficient use of space and, above all, a high quality and inspiring working environment.

What would be your ideal workspace? The studio likes to think with you