Gaining insight into the layout possibilities of your living or working space? Plamen van Dijk has the expertise to help you do just that.

Bringing the best together

The studio has extensive experience in designing and implementing interiors for work environments, homes, retail and hospitality venues.

When considering remodelling your residence or moving to a new location, it can be inspiring and wise to investigate the possibilities of the location. The studio can help you by translating in advance the ideas and possibilities of intended space into images or film.

This can be done through layout plans, possibly supplemented by 3D impressions. Animations, viewing through VR glasses or 360° impressions also belong to the visualization possibilities.

Insight through a test fit

A test fit is a spot plan or layout incorporation drawing used to examine whether all of your requirements can be met within a given space.

Is your office or business space starting to get too small, or are you considering moving to a new location?
First, have the design studio perform a "test fit. Based on your requirements, we will examine whether the intended space is adequate and how large, for example, the new space should be, taking into account regulations and building frameworks. Or perhaps your current location can be made suitable and profitable again.

How to proceed

The design studio begins by identifying the current and future needs and requirements for the space through a quick scan of the site and an interview. Based on this, a PoR (program of demands and requirements) is drawn up. The studio then draws up a site plan based on the PoR, which provides insight into whether the current or new accommodation is suitable. Naturally, regulations such as health and safety and fire requirements, ICT possibilities and possible growth perspectives of the company are taken into account.

Want to know if your location is future-proof? Request a quote for a test fit or visualization